The RUSH RIVER COMMONS PROPERTY is situated on nine acres on the edge of the town of Washington, VA.

Formerly the site of the old Black Kettle Motel and Restaurant, the property lies across Leggett Lane from the new Washington Post Office, and across Lee Highway from the Rappahannock Park. In 2019 Chuck Akre purchased the property, intending to preserve the natural wetlands and create a space to benefit the local community as well as be a tourism destination.

Featuring wetlands, streams, and mountain vistas, Rush River Commons is within walking distance to Washington restaurants, galleries, theatre, and county services.

“Of the streams and wetlands, our intention is to make an asset of this site… it’ll be park-like with walking bridges over it.” – Chuck Akre, creator of the Rush River Commons

The wetlands encompass more than 30% of the property, and a major focus of the project is to restore the existing wetlands, including removing invasive vegetation and planting native beneficial species.

The Rush River Commons property as it is today. The black line denotes the boundary between the town and county.

Existing wetland areas will be restored with native plants.

Illustration of vegetation zones on the property.

Location of Rush River Commons circled in red.

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